Privacy Policy

Here's how I make sure that your privacy is respected while browsing my websites.

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Last updated on Oct 10th, 2021

As the owner of the website, I promise the following:

  1. Your browsing patterns and habits are not transmitted to third parties.
  2. I respect your Do Not Track preference.
  3. I do my best to comply with the GDPR, regardless of where you're located (EU or not).
  4. The server you're reading this from is located within the EU, obliging both me and my hosting provider to the highest privacy standards.


If your browser sends me a Do Not Track request, I don't collect your data.

If your browser does not send such request, information about your visit gets logged by the analytics software called Matomo, hosted on the same server as the website you're visiting.

What gets collected:

Your data may used in the following ways:

Embedding external content

I do my best not to embed external content whenever possible. For example, I'm going to host an image from my own server instead of linking to an image from a third party. However, in certain situations, it is legally unachievable for me to do so.

I don't use any at the moment, but if I start doing so, I'll be sure to list their privacy implications in the future updates to this page.

GDPR compliance

This website is built for personal purposes (recital 18), which makes it outside of the scope of the GDPR. But because I believe that privacy is a basic human right, please do the following to see or delete all the info about your prior visits to my websites:

While I can't guarantee a time frame for the response, your email will be addressed as soon as possible. After doing so, I'll respond to your email address to let you know that your request has been processed. Please keep in mind that the email address mentioned above is an email alias, meaning that my response will arrive to your inbox from a different email address.


Feel free to send an email with your questions and/or concerns to My response will arrive to your inbox from a different email address.