This page contains a list of projects I've created, abandoned, and contributed to over the years. Not meant to represent the complete list, just the most notable stuff.

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This page contains a list of projects I've created, abandoned, and contributed to over the years. It's not meant to represent the complete list, just the most notable stuff I've worked on outside of my professional career.

The list is separated into three parts:

Current projects

Projects that I'm still maintaining whenever I have time to do so.


awesome-linux is a collaborative list of awesome resources helpful to users of a Linux-based system. At the time of writing this, it sits at over 2400 GitHub stars.


awesome-c is a collaborative list of awesome resources related to the C programming language. At the time of writing this, It sits at over 2200 GitHub stars.

Fediverse news bots

I'm running some bots that automatically post a new update whenever a news source publishes something new. I'm focusing on Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian news sources in order to make the Mastodon and the rest of the fediverse more approachable to the people of the region.

My bots include:

Sakrij komentare

Sakrij komentare is a Firefox add-on that hides the comments section on news websites from my region. It supports:

Abandoned projects

Some of the projects that I used to work on.  

Net neutralnost

In 2017 I've organized an online shutdown of a dozen of websites from the region. For one day, these websites talked about net neutrality exclusively. A website of the protest used to exist on domain.

junk-detector is a Python script that looks inside of the directory, reads all the files in it, and outputs the percentage of files written in a Russian Cyrillic or English alphabet. The idea behind it is to detect unusable files in a directory for the project I was working on at the time.


Battery was a simple website that displayed the status of the battery of the device you were using to access it. It used the Battery Status API, which is no longer supported on Firefox, and was never supported by Internet Explorer and Safari.

Has the Turing Test been passed?

Has The Turing Test Been Passed? is a simple website containing the information about the Turing Test in plain English.

Projects I've contributed to

Some of the notable third-party (mostly open source) projects that I have contributed to.


I've created a couple of cheat sheets (like the nmap cheat sheet) and submitted a couple of !bangs that help you reach usable information more quickly using the DuckDuckGo search engine.


FeedReader was an RSS desktop client for Linux desktop, now deprecated in favour of NewsFlash. I've created a simple project website for the previous version of it.

I wrote about a dozen of articles for and represented the brand as a community moderator for a couple of months.

Tor Project

I'm donating some of the bandwidth of my server to the Tor Project for over two years. If you're using the Tor Browser, there's about a 0.25% chance that your traffic will pass through my server. At its peak, the probability of that happening was about 0.58%. I've also managed translations to some of their smaller sub-projects.